History of the Club

St. James’ Athletic Football Club was founded in 1953 by Rev. Canon Alcock and his football playing parishioners in the St. Cathrines’ / St. James’ Church of Ireland Parish Hall in Dublin’s inner city.

Rev. Canon Alcock

This first committee meeting elected the Rev. Alcock as President and Robert Kerr as Captain, they decided the club colours would be red and blue and that they would apply to the United Church’s League for membership. In 1954, having won Division 2 of the U.C.L they were promoted to Division 1.

In the early Sixties the Club was finding it difficult to field a team while staying within the rule of the U.C.L. that allowed only Protestants to participate and so decided to enlist a Catholic or two whose surnames would not be obviously of that persuasion. The names Diskin and Alwell were lucky enough to fall into that category and so in 1965 began a new era for St. James’ Athletic.

The situation of playing ‘inelegible’ players was overlooked by the U.C.L. up until 1971, when St James Athletic beat Strand United F.C. in a cup semi-final while fielding ten (10) such gentlemen. Following this cup win, St James Athletic was thrown out of the league. For the following three (3) years these players kept the club alive by playing friendlies and rugby with Bective Rangers R.F.C. and so, when in 1975 the U.C.L. decided to allow players from all religions participate, St. James’ Athletic was re-born.

Under the Presidency of Stephen Stuart and Captaincy Alan Diskin the Club embarked on the ‘orange and black’ journey that has taken us to where we are today, thanks to the amazing work by many committed members over the years. May it long continue.


Today, St James Athletic is a vibrant football club in South Dublin, thanks to the work of the club committee and its many volunteers who share the same passion as your child for football and the joys one can get from participating in such an exciting sport. The Club’s home ground is at the rear of Benildus College, Upper Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan. The club has its own private pitch, built to a senior cub specification. St James Athletic maintains an open policy to all players looking to take part in the game of football.